Call for Speakers

WordCamp Kyoto 2017 is Looking for Speakers!

WordCamp is a WordPress event for everone who is involved with WordPress. “Everyone” literally means “Everyone”—current users, developers, contirbuters, and anyone who is interested or just about to start using WordPress.

Also, it is an official WordPress event approved by the WordPress Foundation. WordCamp speakers will obtain a “Speaker” badge, which will be displyaed on your profile page. Your session will be recorded and uploaded to, where people around the World can watch your session later at any time.

“Connect to _”

Today, WordPress is used in many different ways. Personal blogs, media sites, and cooperate websites are the most common, but also in areas such as making web applications and in-house systems. Diversity of its use are growing.

On top of this, implementation of REST API feature to the WordPress Core is going to further facilitate WordPress sites to connect to other WordPress sites, but also with other services and products too.

With this background in mind, we want to make WordCamp Kyoto 2017 to be an occasion where people’s various ideas and products get “connected”. And to be an occasion where diverse discussions and exchange of ideas can be shared.

Let’s talk about WordPress

We are looking for speakers on various topics related to WordPress.

Do you blog using WordPress? Are you a contributer, or designer, or consultant, or educator, or developer, or contents manager? Do you have a WordPress stories you can share? Can you share interesting use cases, or a new way of utilizing WordPress? Why not share at WordCamp!

We are also intested to hear from anyone outside of WordPress community. Particulary, if you are involved in other opensource projects and you can share stories which we can all learn something from.

Topic Ideas

We welcome applications of any topic related to WordPress. Here are some topic ideas where you can start.

  • Sharable stories from your local community.
  • Contributing to the WordPress project.
  • WordPress use on large-scale media sites or enterprise web sites.
  • Development – dev environment, releases, tests, etc.
  • Real-world example of WordPress + REST API.
  • Security
  • Correct practice of Theme development.
  • On submitting Themes and Plugins to the official repository.
  • Accessibility.
  • Operation know-how of running a WordPress site.
  • Better blogging.
  • WordPress in NPO.
  • Frontend, such as JavaScript.
  • UI designing.
  • How non-develper can contribute.
  • Developing your business around WordPress; tbe eco system.
  • Opensource and licenses

We look forward to your submission!



Saturday, June 24, 2017
(No sessions are planned for the Contributor Day on Sunday, June 25)


Kyoto University – Main Campus, International Science Innovation Building (Access)

Session Format

15 mins or 30 mins, plus 5 to 10 mins for questions (may change a little with subject to translation.)

Application Deadline

Friday, March 24, 2017 at 23:59 (JST)
We will notify you the result by around end of March.

Application Requirements

  • You have experiences in using WordPress, to develop/design/maintain/plan blogs, websites, services, application, or systems, and you are able to openly share your experiences.
  • You agree what is written in Agreement among WordCamp Organizers, Speakers, Sponsors, and Volunteers, and you pass the 100% GPL Vetting Checklist.
  • You agree in allowing us to take and openly share the photographs and video recordings of your session. As well as, you agree to openly share your session slides after the event. Recorded videos are planned to be uploaded to


  • We are still considering the number of sessions to be conducted in English. At the time of writing, we are not planning to hold a separate English speaking track.
  • We are planning to provide English to Japanese translations for sessions conducted in English. Depending on the translation format, your session time may be halved, in which case we may adjust session times accordingly.
  • We may ask your time for online meetings in preparation to the event.
  • You must pay your own travel and accomodation expenditure.